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Since 2002 I have been pursuing a body of work I call Rascal Ware. This project involves a fictional company, the Rascal Ware Pottery, and its several employees. They include Junior Bucks, Georgette Ore , Mosley Bunkham, Hairy Potter (on and off), Shakespeare, the studio dog, and myself. In actuality, all of these characters live in my mind and each presents a talent, point of view or quirk I’m willing to own.

Together, this group discusses, debates and then gives form to their collective imagination. They/we make a wide variety of clay things that relate to a host of ideas which might interest people both inside and outside of the ceramics world. Our motto is: WE’LL MAKE ANYTHING. I have found this approach to be a simple way around the popular notion that a person’s work should look a certain way – a signature style some call it. That popular notion is not appealing to me.

The changes in the work from Rascal Ware are driven by the unfolding narrative. Each period is a chapter; each chapter has its own body of pottery…or something. Junior and Mosley are frequently the makers of the “something” while Georgette and I make the pots. Each chapter appears as an “ad” in Ceramics Monthly. The narrative at Rascal Ware is actually my biography, with some exaggerations, and the prose is an attempt at comment, humor, irony and some half-baked philosophy. I intend this project to be both a ceramic and literary expression. The work is always shown with its text; it’s all one effort.

I can conclude with this: I’ve never enjoyed my work more than I do right now. I hope it shows.

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