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     The question is still open.  Some people think Rascal Ware is the artisitc product of a deep affection . . . but others beleive that the better word is infection.  So there was some uncertainty when the staff met to plan our first public exhibition.  Present were Junior Bucks, the owner; Mosley Bunkham, the business manager; Don Pilcher, the other potter; Shakespeare, the shop dog; and yours truly.

Chapter 1: Georgette Ore and Rascal Ware
Chapter 2: Georgette Ore Introduces Rascal Ware
Chapter 3:Rascal Ware, Hairy Potter and Biloxi
Chapter 4:Vitreous Vicissitudes
Chapter 5: The Rascal Ware Foot Fetish
Chapter 6: Rascal Ware in Canton
Chapter 7: Rascal Ware, Yunomis and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Chapter 8: Rascal Ware and the Rock Pile
Chapter 9: A Rascal Ware Pitcher for Allen
Chapter 10: More To Pour
Chapter 11: Awaiting the Recovery
Chapter 12: Emerge, Purge and Diverge: Here Comes Lottie


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Don Pilcher, Rascal Ware