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Chapter Eleven

Empty PhotoNotice to Employees and our Public: Sadly I must announce that all operations at The Rascal Ware Pottery are suspended until further notice. I apologize for the unfortunate timing of this announcement - just twelve days before Christmas. However, you’ll find a generous bonus in your final check, enough to carry you until our TARP money arrives. That application has been approved and forwarded from the local agency. (Our approval was initially delayed when it came to light that several of you work in pottery production without a license. But I was able to assure the loan officers that this was a common practice all over the country by showing them the current issue of Ceramics Monthly. It’s clear to see that lots of people who know next to nothing make lots of pottery and get plenty of colored ink for their efforts. Good for them; we can all use a boost from time to time.)

For ten years now I’ve been betting that the world is craving a line of pottery that celebrates some of our deepest experiences and most intimate aspirations – something like Fiesta Ware and Franciscan Ware but with a Medicare meets Freud subtext. Hence Rascal Ware. But the queue, a line for our line, has not materialized. We can be patient; the future is ours.

You are free to travel, relax, seek additional ceramic training (and licensure) or whatever suits your lifetime goals. But please stay in touch. As always, you are contractually obligated to keep in confidence the materials, methods and processes we employ at Rascal Ware. Not that they are so useful, but our future is dependent on preserving our product and its corporate identity. The last thing we need in our eventual recovery is a bunch of imitators – twisting, bending, slumping and funking their way through an aesthetic race to the bottom of the functional totem or the top of the art totem…such as those two races can be distinguished from one another. I admit, I’ve never been absolutely certain which race we were in.

FedEx is hiring and that experience could prove to be valuable if the demand for our ambiguously conceived and maladroitly executed porcelain ever materializes. Once we emerge from this Chapter 11 hiatus…



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