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"...Art is one of the rare few things that is self-critical of its workings, and so it is often at odds with itself, and readily recognizes this. Don Pilcher's ceramics embody a clash; they represent both decay and sustainability. Ceramics is, of course, of the earth, and once shaped into jugs and bowls, its form is almost timeless. In Pilcher's hands, traditional structures are re-invented. It's not only that these structures wear a patina of antiquity that make them statements in material transcendence, or that the vessels sometimes have holes or are caving in on themselves and are functionally lost, or that a subtle beauty can be found in the fate of gravity and fire, but that these proud little paradoxes gloriously strive toward their own demise. They contain not water nor grain, but mortality. Turning away from the mountain of their own creation, they declare to have no earthly purpose except as objects, eternally dying.

Formed from the foundry of Pilcher's imagination, his vessels produce no clear ideological stance, yet they are products of an age where no gesture goes left ideologically unclaimed..."

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Don Pilcher, Rascal Ware